Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Teen Reviews for Struck

Well, I had a couple teens offer to review my book, Struck by Conscience, and I've already received a couple back.


C.K. Green did an amazing job with this book. The storyline is flawless. It was cute, and romantic, without being too sappy, and it had a little humor thrown in there. I loved the characters. They were all very relatable, and they had realistic personalities. This book was great, and I would definitely recommend it. ~ Kate

When I first read “Struck by Conscience” I thought it would be just another teen book about a girl trying to decide between two guys she really likes.  But this book surprised me by being more than that. While I read it, it was like I was Charisma saying goodbye to my Dahlia and hello to a whole new stage of life.  This book made me chuckle, cry, and smile so big.  I desperately wanted to be Charisma so I could be with Heath.  That is how real he was for me. Cindy creates characters you fall in love with.  As with a few of the other books I’ve read from Cindy, she always manages to squeeze in references to her love of classic literature.  In this book its Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.  I promise that when you finish reading this book, like me,  you’ll want a sequel! ~ Bluann  
Thanks for the great reviews, ladies! If anyone else is interested in reviewing, I have a couple more copies I can send out. Also, if you are interesed in contributing articles to this blog just send me an email.

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