Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Writing, Writing, Busy, Busy

It's official! I am back to writing. Yes, my butt is firmly in the seat and words are being added to the pages. After months of hiatus, I am working on the 2nd book in my Faery Guardian series and it is coming together wonderfully. In fact, I have a working blurb for you. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in this project:

Sold My Soul to a Frog (short novella) Book 2 in the Faery Guardian Series

She thought her life couldn’t get any worse…and then she met Brimble. He’s a trickster, he’s a…frog.

I, Averil Kavanagh, had thrown away one of my best friends for a guy—a guy I thought I was in love with. What a mistake. But now I had a chance to prove a point to Brett that he couldn’t have any girl he wanted. With the help of a deal I made with a magic welding frog and Brett’s gorgeous basketball teammate, Dylan Breckman, I might make my point or was I losing my heart to Dylan. That just couldn’t be. Dylan was under a spell; he didn’t really care for me. I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself again like I had over Brett. Was I?