Saturday, October 9, 2010

Outstanding New Review

I just received another review for Struck by Conscience. I have to commend the reviewer. She really wrote a detailed and insightful review. She seemed to really 'get' it and get my characters and most especially she got the point of the story. I loved her words about Charisma (Risa for short): She is definitely one of the best written characters I've seen in a while.

Here is the end of the review:

My favorite thing about this story was the fact that what most teenage girls strive for wasn't what Risa wanted and it made her such a strong character. Torn between life changing moments, confused feelings of love and loss from what she's been so used to, C.K. Green makes Risa feel so real to the reader. The things people might think are important really aren't what defines you as a person. When life takes you to a cross road which road will you take? I think Ms. Green wrote a great heart felt story with little whimsical twists following Risa around. Hopefully, there will be more of Risa and Dahlia to look forward to in the future. It really was an impressive coming-of-age story. It made this reader fall into the story from the moment Risa fell into that pool.

~Forsythia, Aurora--Long and Short of it Reviews

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