Saturday, February 6, 2010

Struck by Conscience

I'm so pleased to share more about my YA short novella, Stuck by Conscience. It will release with Whimsical Publications sometime this year. I haven't been given a release date but all good things come to those who wait...and pine...and agonize. ;) I just received the cover and I LOVE IT! It fits the story perfectly. What do you think?

Here is the blurb:

I, Charisma Mansfield, do solemnly swear that... I never asked to be popular. I never asked to be voted Prom Queen. I definitely never asked to have an invisible pixie perched on my shoulder whispering her opinions into my ear 24/7. But of all the things I never asked for, this is the worst one yet—when brooding but gorgeous Heath Ruvelas (my next door neighbor and the guy I used to be best friends with before jr. high) rescued me from drowning in the school pool. My already bizarre life would never be the same.


  1. Very promising premise! Best wishes on the success of your book. I see you share many of my same tastes, namely British authors in general (though not exclusively), Harry Potter, and Tolkien. I am also a fiction writer and my new release is YA.

  2. The plot sounds wonderful and different from what we usually get... I loved it, the cover suits the plot and I would love to read your book...
    Many wishes for the success of your book...

  3. Thanks David and KT for the congratulations. I'll be sharing more very soon.

  4. Hi, I really do want to read your books, but I am not sure if they are available in India... Please enlighten me about the same...

  5. Hi KT! This book in particular is not released yet. I'll announce it when I have a release date. Sometime this year. My romance books should be available for purchase even in India. Take care.